The New Buzz Word in Education

The relatively new word in the realm of academics is “Cloud Computing”. Cloud computing requires using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet as opposed to a local server. The “cloud” reduces the cost of IT and simplifies content management processes. So, why is cloud computing and education in the same sentence? Statistics show that within one year, cloud computing in schools is expected to consume a quarter of the IT budget and by 2017, that figure is projected to grow by 35%.

Manufacturer’s Success = Efficiency

Today, we live in a constant changing market and as a manufacturer you need to be on the forefront of those changes in order to be successful. In an article written in October 2012, Rockwell Ethernet Architecture says that “becoming more responsive without sacrificing efficiency is the key to a manufacturer’s success, and can be achieved through seamless, secure connectivity across the enterprise.”

The Plan to Modernize Education

A growing concern with policymakers has been to tackle an emerging problem in our educational system. Several of our nation’s public schools are lacking high-quality, high-speed Internet. The amount of bandwidth that was deemed sufficient 15 years ago is no longer sufficient to meet the needs of a modern education as it is today. We do not want our country to lose its competitive edge to countries that are more effective in connecting their students to high-speed broadband and cutting-edge technology.